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ProEmp will be adding a variety of perks that will help you and your employees make payroll easier and more convenient. Right now, check out the most popular extra service that we offer.

Chime Online Bank Account

Chime Is a NO-FEE Bank Account That Enables Employees to Receive a Debit Card AND Get Paid UP to (2) Days Before Payday

with no disruption to your payroll process.


Here's How It Works

Instead of waiting like other banks do, Chime Processes the employee's checks immediately. They can use their cards to pay bills online or access their money at 38,000 no fee locations.


ProEmp will show you how to get your employees setup to get a free checking AND savings account. Even better, ProEmp has partnered with a non-for-profit to provide resources for our clients to kickstart a lifetime habit of savings.


Ask us how to get REWARDED simply by saving money every pay period!


Payroll that perks you up.

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