ProEmp & Associates has perfected a flexible payroll system that will complement your business. Through the use of industry specific software and state of the art hardware, we can produce, track, deliver and recall your entire payroll related activities.

Here’s How It Works:

For example, our normal pay period ends on Sunday and  Monday, you simply compile your payroll information. We provide you with a customized timesheet that will make it easy for you to report payroll hours and any changes. Simply email, fax or phone the payroll data to our fully trained payroll specialists and your payroll checks are on their way. It’s quick, easy and accurate.


Here’s What You Get from ProEmp Each Payroll Period:

  • Your Payroll Checks for your employees reported. 

  • The checks are signed and sealed in a security envelope for confidentiality or direct deposited into your bank account and/or pay card.

  • An invoice for services provided is sealed in a security envelope and/or emailed. 

  • A Payroll Register detailing the employee’s name, gross wage, withholding, and net pay.

  • Any requested Job Cost Reports.

  • A weekly timesheet reports next week’s payroll data or if you already have a time & attendance system in place, simply email or fax us that information.

Relax. ProEmp has you covered.